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Hi, I am new to the Adirondacks, and plan on doing a multiday hike the first week in 2 lbs. of food per person per day - headlamp with extra batteries
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Gear Basics. Tips . Ultralight. Food . Recipes. Checklist. Backpacks. Tents. Sleeping Bags & Pads Multiday Hiking Backpacks: 3000 to 7000 cu in or more
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Learn how to pack for a multi - day hike , including how to maximize your backpack queueAdvanced Hiking Tips : How to Pack a Backpack f...21802 views .... queueHow to Store Food : How to Use a Food Storage S...35878 viewsexpertvillage
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14 Jan 2009 If you're going on a multi - day hiking trip through the Grand Canyon, you'll need a steady supply of fresh water and food to get you through
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Learn how to plan a multi - day hike , with backpacking guide tips such as how to plan meals for a How to Keep Food Safe from Animals When Camping & Hiking
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14 Jun 2010 On any hike , weight is the enemy. Keeping things light helps keep hiking safe and more enjoyable. But we need good, nutritious food to feed
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16 Apr 2010 On multi - day hikes , if you can split the food in half, .... Surviving the Summer Heat - 7 Tips to Keep Cool This Summer · Perfect Foods For
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14 posts - 7 authorsAny other tips about staying in the huts, carrying your food , etc? That's another nice multi day hike (they did have a pack heli-transport service).
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Extra duct tape, multi -tool, cable ties and wire for repairs. SECTION THREE Helpful Tips . Clothing Tips : Bring enough clothes to survive a several hour break or Check the weather forecast for the days near the hike to see trends .
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Learn about great food to bring on camping trips with tips from an outdoor Learn how to plan a multi - day hike , what to pack and what you should expect
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Don't Miss Any Hiking Tips . Subscribe to the Hiking Tip Newsletter. When you day hike , you have a lot more versatility in the foods you can carry and .... Longer, multi -day backpacking treks usually call for more dehydrated and
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Day Hiking Tips for Newbies. Hiking preparedness is something which can result in that also have the advantage of becoming great multiple day hiking adventures. .... Included are details on everything from food to fantasy films.
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5; Backcountry permit for overnight stays Camping gear for multi - day hikes Daypack or expedition pack Water bottles Hiking boots Food ; Backcountry permit
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7 posts - 3 authors - Last post: 30 MayGreat day hiking options. We're looking for an area filled with trails with great scenery and views of the big peaks. has some good cheap Indian food available, As close to the big peaks as you can get without multiple day .... women's attire for day hikes in forum Packing Tips for India
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Today's multi - day adventure gear is lighter, warmer and easier on your body. Boots and shoes. Wear hiking socks when trying on boots or trail shoes.