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22 Sep 2009 By Lisa Turner, Natural Solutions Ever wonder why you can't resist the urge to overdo it on unhealthy foods when you're feeling down?
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There is no dietary cure for depression but what you eat can affect your mood. Find out how.
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For some people, there might be increased appetite for inappropriate foods and weight gain. Either way, these habits tend to intensify depression .
What Doctors Don't Tell You: DEPRESSION FOODS TO FIGHT IT has exclusive permission to print her research article, Food Therapy for Depression , on the World Wide Web.>>
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8 Dec 2003 Perhaps our modern diet is the cause of many cases of depression . Experts speculate that wheat gluten and cow's milk are not foods we have
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There are many reasons why people have anxiety or depression , most of which are blamed on circumstances in our lives. Could food be a contributor?
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3 Oct 2006 If you feel you are depressed or at risk for depression , you also need to avoid certain foods and substances. Some commonly prescribed drugs
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Dietary Supplementation With N-3 Polyunsaturated Fatty Acids Attenuates the Depression of Food -Motivated Behavior During Zymosan-Induced Peritonitis.
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Serotonin is a brain chemical believed to promote calmness and ease depression . Foods themselves don't contain serotonin but what you eat may be able to tip
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Try these 10 mood-boosting meals that taste as good as they will make you feel.
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5 Sep 2006 Did you know that you can stabilize your mood and fight depression with your diet? Discover the best foods to eat for depression .
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30 Jul 2009 Yesterday I went to Barnes & Noble and headed to the psychology section. Since I have clinical depression and also am studying to be.
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There are a number of depression buster foods that some people consider to be pests. Are there any pests around your house that you believe to be
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2 Nov 2009 Eating a diet high in processed food increases the risk of depression , research suggests.
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29 Aug 2009 According to a report from the National Institute of Mental Health, nearly 18.8 million Americans over the age of 18 suffer from major